Who is this dork?

I'm some guy with way too much free time and not enough ideas to take advantage of it all. I'm a big fan of videogames – particularly Sonic games, though I'm not picky. I also enjoy cartoons and other silly little things.

My hobbies include programming, web design/development, and occasionally drawing. I have future plans to get into videogame development as a career path, and I dabble in it as a hobby occasionally. I spend my free time coding for Rainbow Dash Network, partially for entertainment and partially to keep myself from forgetting how to code.

Okay, but what's here?

I host the following things on my server:

The Welcome Pony daemon

I run a bot for Rainbow Dash Network that, among other things, sends welcoming messages to new users on the site, selected at random from a list created by the community. The script was originally created by minti, and I've since taken it and evolved it into a more fully-featured bot. It works through a simple PHP daemon that watches the public timeline, posting when it finds a member with a single notice. The bot has turned into a mainstay on the site, as its presence often encourages other users to welcome the same people it does.

Rainbow Dash Network testing server

A testing ground for new features, alterations, and other things to RDN's base source. Most things show up here before they show up on the main site. The original purpose of the instance was to develop the site's upgrade to StatusNet 1.0.1 (the software the site uses is greatly modified from the original branch, to the point where a new version of the original code couldn't be simply swapped in). The site still sees use when new features are in development, though. (And sometimes also when the main site goes down.)

The software running the site is derived from the open-source StatusNet software, and as such is also open-source. The source code is located here.